Hello world! : My very first blog

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Hello everyone, I am Nitish Chopra, an aspiring animator and an established dreamer. At the time of writing this blog I just cleared my higher school education and am stepping into the adventurous world of animation and design. All my last year was spent dreaming about the creative things that I might be doing in the coming years and planning a perfect route to reach my ultimate aim. One of peculiar things all designers do ( I hope they all do otherwise I’ll just sound weird writing this in a blog 😛 ) is desperately explore journeys of other famous designers who were like them in their youth, so that they can visualize  what it’d be like treading on this road and how eventually they’d reach their dreams! So yeah….this blog is a periodical public journal for all aspiring designers when I too will eventually get to that “famous designer” league! 😉 Through this blog I’ll share some events ( and challenges as i have encountered ) and information that might be useful to a designing student; and I’ll time by time also upload some of my creative works ( of course I would; you’d be insanely daft thinking I’d do all the other crap without some self-promotion and selfish benefits! 😛 ) So well, “Hello world!”; sincerely, I tried very hard but that is a first blog title exceedingly appropriate to change. 😛


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