“A good college” : ‘Bold New World’ My journey from class 12th to a college ( Part 1 )

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Hello guys; so after a slight(ly huge) break, I’m back (not that anyone was anxious :P) with another post.

Since most of my readers are travelers of the same journey I am, they will find it somewhat relate-able when i write about the humongous hell we students go through securing admission in a “good” college.

It all starts with understanding the definition of what a “good” college is. Is it the one with a good campus placement? or the one with a good curriculum and infrastructure? The one with a course of your choice? or the one with a course of the public choice? 😛

Well, there is no single correct answer!  😛

In any case, I am not writing to enlighten you with philosophies; I mean social service is an aim of this post but I’m merely hoping to get people to understand they’re not alone. 🙂

No matter what your choice of studies maybe, “bars made of hopelessness and three square meals of shame ” (that is a kung fu panda 2 reference :P) will become a staple for the four months from April to July. 😛

The competition changes from the forty in your class to a nation full of desperate students.

The school toppers are battling the …well….other school toppers. And as for us….we just salvage what’s left after their war. 😛

But that’s fine, your sanctum still lies in the fact that you’re not alone and your struggle is for something extremely important.

“So, when you were laying around on your trust fund, doing nothing every day, having other people scrub your toilet, you could hold your head up high? But now that you support yourself by earning your own money, that’s somehow shameful? “

(“2 broke girls” : season 1_episode 5) (I don’t need any comments on why i’m watching a sitcom with female protagonists :P)

Yes…you’re not giving up because giving up is not an option for you; the high talks of self-dependence extremely attract you and you’re adventurous enough to go through it, all the while knowing it is deep s**t.

People, the college doesn’t really mattera good college won’t get you a 7 figure package if you won’t work but an average one just might be able to do it if you do. So I hope you’re smart enough to understand the significant factor here….it’s your…well…’own work!’ 😛

Anyways, to keep in sync with the “my journey” part of the post, well I personally decided to apply for the most reputed design colleges in India (NID, DSK, MIT Pune, Srishti Bangalore); I wanted to study animation abroad but well…things really didn’t work my way, and speaking from the point of view of where I presently am, I’m glad they didn’t. 😛

I’ll probably end this here before it gets too lethargic and uncontrollably cheesy ( 😛 )…and hope that if not exactly helping, it was at least worth a read. 😛

Take care. see you next time. 🙂

PS :  There are high chances there might not be a “next time”, i’m planning this to be a series but not entirely sure if I actually have sufficient material for another post. 😛


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