‘Avishkaar Box’ | Intro Video

I was approached by Avishkaar Box – an Edtech company – to build an about video for them. The following was the brief they provided

Client Brief

Content of the creative – About Avishkaar is a video that talks about the impact that Avishkaar has been able to make in the society.
Primarily it talks how its been able to empower children to give wings to their ideas. Secondly it should be able to talk about who we (team Avishkaar) are and what do we stand for?

Call to action (after reading/seeing the creative the audience should go with one message – what is the message)

Team Avishkaar is the real deal. Its a global company to have come out of India and the change that its bringing is real and here to stay!

Target Audience of the creative (Please mention age group, gender, Geographical location, profession, nationality, household income) –
Students, Parents, Teachers and School Authorities.

Concept Note

The following was the concept note for the video that was developed for the client after interpreting the brief.

Avishkaar Box has been working since years now to create a platform that inspires children to innovate. This platform has the power to continuously grow along with its user and give him/her super powers to continually innovate and inspire – right from a basic robot to an energy efficient system or a spy alarm to driving management system. At Avishkaar Box, the mission is to make products that make Learning Meaningful, Joyful and Insanely Addictive.

We truly believe that creating is always more fulfilling and enjoyable than consuming. And we continue to empower our users to just do that!

Company Values : ‘Customer Focus’, ‘Getting things done’, ‘Pursuit of Excellence’

The video aims to answer some fundamental questions pertaining to the nature and larger interpretations of the word ‘innovation’, the need for innovators and how Avishkaar Box is helping sow the seeds of innovation in your child to create tomorrow’s problem solvers.

It does so by not only laying out Avishkaar Box products as a prototyping tool, but rather as an educational tool that gets kids looped in a process of critically analyzing his surroundings, identifying problems/opportunities, and then coming up with solutions/interventions.

The client gave a green signal to the concept note and I moved to the stage of writing the screenplay/script for the video


“The Idea Seed”
‘Avishkaar Box’ Video for ‘World Didac’ stall


“The year is 2017”
“The world is full with problems.”
“But how to solve them?”
(how to → how to → who can)
“who see problems as opportunities!”
“Think it’s in you to be the innovator of tomorrow?”
“Come to us.”
“We are Team Avishkaar.”
(logo below)
“We create Makers of tomorrow”
“Makers who can solve the Problem of Waste”
(showing the dumper bot…)
“Makers who can create the future of Artificial Intelligence”
(showing the video of I am Sam)
“Makers who can build robots to do work for us”
(showing the video of robots)
“Makers who are reinventing the idea of prosthetics”
(Keshav’s shadow bot)
“We are Team Avishkaar and we are here to make the Makers”
(End of video)

Initially the script had a premise of Nikola Tesla’s background and his story but that sort of stretched the duration. So considering the attention spans of the users and various use-case scenarios we collectively decided to go away with the premise and tried to cut to the chase as early on in the video as possible.

Below is the final video that was made.


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