‘Glee’ | Digital Photo Album | Concept Design

A lost generation of traditional photo albums started fading away with the gone days of reel cameras. When a family holiday trip was scrunched in just 30 pictures. Now is the era of digital cameras and phones where one takes thousands of pictures on an overwhelming day. How does one keep those memories intact and organized? 

Our pictorial memories are scattered in virtual piles everywhere. It’s become so easy to take pictures and so time consuming to really curate it. We’re always taking photos, and they don’t always make it to Instagram or Facebook — sometimes you just don’t want to bombard your acquaintances on social networks with another photo. Whether you just traveled to an awesome new place, finally got to skydive, met the love of your life, graduated from college, or redecorated your apartment, these are moments you want to share and look back on. What if you had a device to take care of all that? A device, which caters to your functional as well as your emotional, needs in the future. ​​​​​​​


GLEE is trying to bring back the lost tradition using new and advanced technology. GLEE is a new generation of photo albums, which stores, curates and organizes all your pictures in one place. You no longer have to search for a picture taken four years ago on seven different data piles. You can just flip through the book and have a ride down the memory lane. You’re just one book away from finding all your captured memories. GLEE can be picked up and brought to the couch just like a old fashioned photo album but with way more interactive functionality and the marvels of modern-day technology.

Salient product features :

Proposed UI for the photo-album :


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This project was done in collaboration with Yashvi Vasundhara, you can check out her work here : https://www.behance.net/yashvivasuc1dc


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