Packaging Design Projects | 2017

The following is a series of packaging design projects I did – either as college projects or personal initiatives or some client work.

‘Coca-Cola’ themed water bottle design

These designs were my submission to a packaging design contest on The brief was to design a bottle for athletes taking inspiration from the coca-cola branding. A color option had also to be submitted aligning with each coca-cola variant.


‘Honey-Bee Tea’ Packaging

These designs were done for a tea company. The brief was to design an distinctive packaging for a high-end tea brand. Each tea bag was first to be individually packed and then have a bigger packaging for all of it. Another requirement was to have a hidden heart and a bee at the bottom of the outer packaging as a surprise to explore once the product was consumed entirely.


‘Zodiac’ Connected Boats

This packaging was done for a boat management device.

Final Designs :


Iterations :

‘XForce’ Screen Guard Packaging Design

Final Design :


Iterations :

‘Original Scent’ – Shaving Gel Packaging

Final Design :


Iterations :


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