‘What I’ve done?!’ |Experimental | Stop-Motion

I started my journey at Srishti (Institute of Art, Design and Technology) aspiring to become an animator, and as luck would have it, my very first course was with a 3D animator. So most of our worked revolved around motion graphics.

Our final project of this 5 week course was to come up with a stop-motion short film. Syncing with harmony to our broader college ideology of experimentation; we were expected to explore new methods and techniques both in the story line and implementation of the film.

So with that project brief in mind we came up with the concept of ‘Going back in time’, this theme was selected as sorta a solution to our current environment problems.
We picked up four issues (industrialization, desertification, melting of ice caps and urban litter) and the answer to solving them was reversing our actions, hence, ‘Going back in time’.

It was done in collaboration with four of my classmates (Atiya, Prerna, Roshni, Shireen), under the guidance of our facilitator, Siddharth Mandavgane (https://vimeo.com/sidd2k2001).

Also, below are some of the other works done during this course.

Metamorphosis – Flipbook



Haunted House – Parallax effect



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