E-Grocery App | Concept Design


Develop an e-grocery platform system and run pilot validation studies for the same concept.


  • Evaluate existing e-grocery platform and gather insights for a redesign.
  • Build ideas for gaps identified during evaluation and develop them into concepts for a holistic system.

Target Users

Urban Middle-class individuals, in the age of 18-40 years, who aren’t familiar with shopping and cooking, but are willing to learn.


  • Skills and knowledge of shopping for groceries and cooking.
  • Convenience of shopping from anywhere, and anytime.
  • Assurance of quality and sustainable system for produce.


Using the UX framework -Meaning, Value, Pleasure and Engagement to evaluate existing E-grocery platform Zopnow. The evaluation was the first step of analysing existing platforms and competitors, understanding the gaps and opportunities within the same. The process would further identify the goals and scope of the redesign.

UX Framework

UX Requirements

Following the IAMAST framework (Intent, Audience, Medium, Action, Space and Time) for defining UX requirements, we put down the initial goals for the opportunities that developed from the UX Evaluation of Zopnow.

IAMAST Framework


Following a design sprint-like method to ideate we clustered the ideas based on their affinity, their approach, feasibility, and so on, further creating categories.

Quick Ideation
Thematic Clustering of Ideas

Concept Development

To represent a more concrete leveled concept the team developed a User Journey Map- plotting the user touchpoints, perceptions, aspirations, emotions, and thoughts while they use the proposed service idea.

UX Blueprint

The following is the UX Blueprint that walks through the whole system. Its divided from the emotions row by the line of interaction, on the other side lies the interfaces. Next it’s divided by line of visibility under which lies the back-end and support system and processes. This row is color coded based on the supporting member type- Technical team, Delivery team, Sellers and merchants, and Marketing team.

A concept video was then made as a means of showcasing and communicating the concept to the users for validation.

User Validation

For User Validation we conducted a pilot study with two semi-potential users. The pilots were run without any screeners and followed a semi-structured process documented in the protocol. The concept video developed as part of the system design phase was used to run the user validation pilots.

Validation Protocol


To validate the holistic user experience of an e-grocery service designed to fulfill the following goals :

  • Simplifying the shopping experience
  • Connecting local businesses with customers
  • Promoting sustainable(localized) food habits amongst users


  • Meaning- Relevance to user needs and goals
  • Value- Usefulness in the given scenario Pleasure- emotions associated with the experience of using the service
  • Engagement- User’s interest throughout the process and chance of repeat usage

Plan of Action

Initial questions to establish user background and awareness :

  • Do you cook for yourself?
  • How do you buy your groceries?
  • How often do you buy your groceries to cook?
  • Have you ever used an e-grocery platform for buying your groceries? Which ones? Has it fulfilled your needs and expectations?

The user will view the concept video of the service. Following questions will be asked after the screening :

  • What do you think about what you’ve just seen?
  • What do you think this video is about?
  • What do you think the concept is promoting? [If they don’t understand it] It’s about learning to cook sustainably using local produce. This service allows you to learn recipes based on what’s locally available, and allows you to buy them as well.
  • What do you think about the idea of sustainable food choices promoted by this service?
  • What are your reactions to the service sourcing produce locally?
  • Do you see any difficulties or opportunities with regard to using this service?
  • (interact with blueprint) How much effort do you think you will put in while using this system? [Scale of No Effort at all to A lot of effort]
  • How likely are you to use such a service, on this scale [Not at all likely to Very likely]?
  • Why?
  • How would you utilize this service to help with your needs, give us scenarios?
  • How often would you be interested in using this service in your daily life? [Daily to Very rarely]

Pilot Validation Results

  • Concept communication was not clear from the video in itself
  • Users were not familiar with the concept of local produce and sustainability within their food habits
  • User’s expectation of an e-grocery let them to assume that products unavailable locally will be available on the e-platform.
  • Users also question the authenticity Highlights/Lowlights Video behind the local produce tag.


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