‘Instashop’ | Homepage Re-Design

The following was my design proposal for redesigning the homepage of the website firstcopy.co.in.

I began with undergoing a UI/UX analysis of their current homepage; redid their color palette and logo; and then based on the insights gained from the UI/UX analysis (in tandem with some proposed additions to their feature set) – redesigned their homepage.

Please access the following link for the final proposal presentation (inclusive of the existing page’s analysis, the updated color palette and logo and annotations to my new design) – presentation_instashop_index

Current Page’s UI/UX Analysis

This is a UI/UX analysis of the current homepage based on two primary factors of Usability and Aesthetics.


Updated Colour Palette

The current website didn’t seem to follow any particular colour palette as part of a larger style guide. So I went ahead and constructed one for it. The palette is mostly shades of grey for its primary colours to impart a neutral value and mellow user experience. The ambient colours, however, are some bright hues to cater to the young audience base of the website.


Updated Logo

The inspiration for the current logo seemed to be taken from Instagram’s logo’s word mark and image mark – which made sense given the model of the website and its offering. But the execution clearly lacked a little finish wherein the border thickness over powered the word mark. So I’ve made a few tweaks to make sure the logo stays true to its original inspiration yet looks clean and professional.

Redesigned Homepage

The following is the redesigned homepage based on the insights obtained using the UI/UX analysis, the updated colour palette and the logo edit. Bootstrap’s 12 column responsive layout guidelines have been followed to make the wire frames for the design.




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