‘TE.A.CH’ | Online Educational Platform | interaction design

This was done as a college project during a course about learning visual design for screens. The brief was to design an online education portal.

I chose to work on the BlackBoard portal that our college uses presently, as a base to build the new design on.

Current Portal’s UX/UI Analysis

1. Incoherent navigation

2. Lacks information display hierarchy

3. Multiple features with similar features

Design Proposal for the new Portal

TE.A.CH aims to model virtual and online learning platforms to a structural space as if it is one’s own university or a school.

It attempts to do away with problems of navigation through a conceptual map of the website and render an experience of navigation through a architectural structure.

The movement of the users, then, is not so much through a 2D tree/map of the website but through a 3D space; and at all times they’ll be aware of their exact location in this ‘web’.

The hope is that such an interaction would be engaging, empowering and cognitively simpler for a user.

‘TE.A.CH’ – The Auto Didact’s Channel | Logo

First-Time User Screens

Click the link below to view all the screens that were made

Existing-User Screens

Click the link to view the complete style guide

Style Guide for the Portal


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